Paul Arkwright CMG

Founder and Director, Arkwright Advisory Ltd

Paul is a former British diplomat with 34 years’ experience, including as High Commissioner to Nigeria (2015-18); Acting Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo (2020); Ambassador to the Netherlands (2009-13); and in a range of positions in London and overseas, including as Director for Multilateral Policy at the FCO. His most recent roles were as CEO of the January 2020 UK-Africa Investment Summit, and Regional Ambassador for Sub-Saharan Africa for the COP26 Climate Summit.

Paul’s extensive experience of high-level negotiation at Government and senior business levels, his influential networks, and his understanding of the cultural sensitivities involved in doing business in African countries put him in a unique position to provide strategic business advice.

Paul is a frequent public speaker and advocate for greater high quality private investment in African economies. He is a firm believer in the potential for growth and development across Africa, while understanding the pitfalls which can derail business opportunities there. Through his work on climate change, he understands what is at stake for a just energy transition – a key factor in unleashing economic opportunity in Africa – while mitigating the effects of climate change.

Paul supports initiatives promoting advanced economic, social and governance (ESG) programmes, and the wider understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals. He has a particular interest in improving educational outcomes in Africa, without which the continent’s economic potential in a globally connected world cannot be realised.

Among other appointments, Paul is a member of Global Citizen’s Advisory Committee on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, and a member of the Central Council of the Royal Over-Seas League.

Paul is a fluent French speaker and has a good understanding of Dutch and German.

Paul Arkwright who was awarded the CMG, The Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael & St. George
Paul visits Gabon, September 2021
Paul visits Gabon Interior ministry, September 2021